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The draft programme for FPCC can be found below. Note that this is subject to change.

Wednesday 7th September 2022

10:00    Welcome and opening   - FPCC organisers  

10:10    Opening Address  - University of Bradford    

10:20    Keynote: Industry Trends and the Opportunities for Composites

             Jeff May, Construction Products Association

Session: Codes & Design

10:50    A Structural Eurocode for Fibre-polymer Composite Structures

              Luigi Ascione, University of Salerno  

11:20   Break/Networking

Session: Codes & Design continued...

11:50    Developing an Assurance Framework for Fibre-polymer Composites    

              Mike Gower, NPL

12:20    Preparation of a Resistance Formula for Net-Tension Failure of Single and Multi-rowed                         Bolted Connections of Fibre-Polymer Composite

              Toby Mottram, University of Warwick

12:50    Parametric Modelling of FRP Strengthened RC Flexural Elements 

             David Tann, University of East London


13:20   Lunch/Networking

Session: Composite Rebar

14:30    Keynote: Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams With Embedded FRP Bars 

             Samir Dirar, Birmingham University    

15:00   Composites Rebars as a Catalyst for Decarbonisation of Concrete Infrastructure

             Kunal Kansara, National Composites Centre

15:15    Influence of Aggressive Environmental Conditions and Sustained Load on the Degradation                          Mechanisms of Vinyl Ester GFRP Rebars

             Nora Susanne Bies, Matthias Pahn, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

15:45   Break/Networking

Session: Bridges  

16:00    Development of an Innovative FRP Footbridge

             Andy Cross, Network Rail     

16:30    Design and Fabrication of Pultruded Cellular FRP Road Bridges

             Lee Canning, Jacobs     

17:00    DAY 1- CLOSE     

Optional reception and conference dinner in the evening, starting at 19:15


Thursday 8th September 2022


09:30    Keynote: The Construction Industry - Where's it Heading?             

              Mike Moseley, i3P/KTN Construction    


Session: New Materials


10:00    Evaluation of Processing Parameters on the Physical and Mechanical Properties of

              Compression Moulded Unsaturated Polyester Resin Reinforced with Date Palm Sheath Fibre

              Said Awad, Mizi Fan, Evina Katsou, Brunel University, Tamer Hamouda, National Research  

              Centre, Cairo & Mohamad Midani,German University of Cairo

10:30    Glass-GFRP Sandwich: Structurally Superior Laminated Glass

              Feyza Yildirim, University of Southampton & Mithila Achintha, Manchester University

11:00    Break/Networking

Session: Structural Strengthening

11:30    Shear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Near Surface Mounted- Carbon Fibre                        Reinforced Polymer Laminates

             Mohammad Ibrahim Awad Al-Zu'bi, Mizi Fan, Lorna Anguilano, Yousef S. Al Rjoub, Ahmed M.               Ashteyat and Mazen J. Al-Kheetan, Brunel University

12:00   Numerical Investigation of FRP-strengthened Cast-iron Beams Subjected to Temperature                    Cycles

             Tim Stratford, University of Edinburgh

12:30   Lunch /Networking    

Session: Monitoring


13:30    Keynote: Development Towards Unique Real-time and In-situ 3-dimensional Strain Monitoring                    of  Laminated Composites Using Embedded Planar Optics

             Christopher Holmes, University of Southampton   


14:00    Evaluation of Bond in the Deformability Indices of CFRP Pretensioned Concrete Structures

             Eleni Toumpanaki, University of Bristol

14:30    Break/Networking   

15:00    Effect of Strip Stiffness in Reinforced Concrete Members Strengthened with Carbon and Basalt

              Fibre-Reinforced Polymers

             Szymon Grzesiak, Matthias Pahn and Milan Schultz-Cornelius, Technische Universität                           Kaiserslautern

15:30    Modelling of the Splitting Failure Mode in Textile-Reinforced Concrete

             Philipp Preinstorfer, University of Cambridge

16:00    2022 CONFERENCE CLOSE


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